HAYA Minis

For our youngest actors aged 4-8 years.

HAYA Minis Class

HAYA Minis Class

HAYA Minis Class

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Our HAYA minis class is an excellent way to introduce young people to the craft of acting and it’s many developmental benefits. This class is led by experts in early years drama teaching.

Through fun games and exercises we can help develop our youngest actors to have a strong sense of self, extended vocabulary and communication skills and excellent creativity. Our Minis are introduced to text work at a pace that suits them and they perform a minis “showing” every year. Dependent on the intake level this can take the form of an “open class” or a short developed and rehearsed performance.

Many Minis that join stay as a company and grow together. HAYA has a strong development programme meaning that many of our young actors stay with us throughout their school career and beyond. The Minis is our earliest starting point and hugely beneficial to new school starters and key stage 1.

Minis Teachers

HAYA Minis class
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HAYA Minis runs from 4.30-5.30pm at the Brentford and Leigh-on-Sea academy. Contact us for more info.